We will be loading pictures of installations that we are involved with.

The pictures are taken as the projects develop and are therefore not showing the final "tidy Job".

As you will understand there is no point in showing underfloor heating pipes after the concrete is laid.

We intend to post other pictures when appropriate.

These pictures show an Air to water system installed in a bungalow on the island.

The heat pump is manufactured by Sanyo and uses Carbon dioxide as the refrigerant.

The water from the external heat pump is kept in a heat store located in the house, where it is passed to the underfloor manifold via an electronic mixing valve used to select the floor working temperature.

The heat store contains a copper coil that is utilised to provide the house with mains pressure hot water.

The bungalow is intended for a disabled person and so the water was further reduced in temperature by means of a thermostatic mixing valve to 48 deg C.